Agile Peer Code Reviews with Codebrag

No More Late Friday Fixes

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re sitting in the office, extinguishing the fire on the production server. You promise yourself that it won’t happen again, not after tonight. But it happened in the past. And might happen in the future.

Well, we’ve been there. Experienced the frustration and tiredness of staying late and fixing bugs. That’s why we’ve decided to do something about it. Enter Codebrag, the code review tool your team will actually use.


Fun = Different?

Why you don’t like code reviews?

You get criticised. Your carefully crafted code gets smashed to bits and analysed like an insect under a microscope. You have to do code reviews, not necessarily want to do them. You get stressed and the code quality gets hurt as well.

What if code reviews could be… fun?

We’ve built Codebrag to make you enjoy code reviews. Starting from a game-like, friendly interface to adding “Likes” to blocks of code, Codebrag is built around the idea of a positive atmosphere of software craftsmanship.

Codebrag App Overview

Less Loss

And it isn’t just for fun. You can’t really estimate the cost of an emotionally-wrecked developer.

Imagine that Amazon’s down for a minute. The loss toll would be quite high. Or the recent Heartbleed security loophole - isn’t this all about people not getting enough support, proper feedback and rest? Once again, Codebrag addresses those issues by allowing you to introduce flexible code reviews methods, eliminating the possibility of bugs being overlooked.

Lightweight and Secure

You set up Codebrag on your own terms, using your servers. Just download the package, do a quick config, clone your repository start reviewing your friends’ code. Codebrag is simple with the workflow focused on finding and eradicating problems as well as mutual learning and team support.

Status & Plans

Codebrag is currently in 2.0 version with Git, SVN, local and cloud repositories and both post-commit and review of feature branches support. It’s developed by people from SoftwareMill as a dogfood and startup project - we use Codebrag in our projects and decided to share it with the people. You can tweet us @codebrag and visit our blog for code review guides and Codebrag news.

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