The Ausca ruby gem features an RSS joiner module that can be used to combine multiple RSS feeds into a single RSS feed.

This functionality is useful for creating scraper and news sites which aggregate news from outside sources.

Ausca uses nokogiri which makes short work of parsing HTML and XML, therefore it would be easy to customise the RSS joiner to parse news and information from non-standard feeds and abstract website formats.

The API is very simple:

require "ausca"

# Instantiate the RSS::Joiner
rss ={
  :feeds => 
    [ "", "" ],
  :max_items => 50,
  :output_path => "feed.rss",
  :version => "2.0",
  :title => "test title",
  :description => "test description",
  :link => "test link",
  :author => "test author"  

# Fetch source feeds and generate the output