The Meggernie Castle stands isolated in Glen Lyon, one of the most remote locations in Scotland

The longest, loneliest and loveliest glen in Scotland Sir Walter Scott

The whole ensemble looks like something out of a creepy story, and is surrounded by a ghostly aura awakens a morbid fascination - and there is of course a morbid story of goings on behind the walls of this castle; a story of passionate love turned into insanity.

The Meggernie Castle and its lands, originally property of the MacGregors, have seen many owners over the years. But let’s focus on what happened when the castle was in the hands of the Menzies of Culdares.

Meggernie Castle
The isolation of Glen Lyon

The story tells that one of the chiefs of clan Menzies got married to a woman of breathtaking beauty, and that for this same reason he became pathologically jealous, incessantly accusing her of infidelity. One day, controlled by his irrational jealousy, he murdered her.

To cover his tracks, he first cut the body in half at the waist, and hid the corpse in a locked chest inside one of the castle towers. Right after which he told everybody that he and his wife were going on a trip.

He stayed away for several months and, on his arrival told everybody that his wife had drowned while boating in Italy, and the body was never found. But the coward Menzies was still concerned about the possibility of somebody finding the body, and thought about a more permanent way to get rid of the evidence - he would bury the body in the graveyard.

Graveyard's Church in Meggernie's Castle

The next night he got drunk, as was the only way to accomplish the horrible task, and moved the putrid lower limbs to a hole he had dug in the graveyard. The day after he tried to repeat the procedure, this time with the upper part of the body, but he couldn’t bare the repulsion as the body was in an advanced state of decomposition. Instead, he hid the remains under the floorboards in that same room, and that was the last act committed by Menzies before he himself was brutally murdered. The day after, he was found dead in a pool of blood by the servants, with no sign or trace of his murderer.

Since then, guests staying at the castle have reported the apparition of the upper part of a woman’s body. One visitor states that one night, while he was sleeping, the feeling of something extremely hot burning his cheek woke him up, and that already fully awake, he saw how the upper half of a woman’s body disappearing through the locked door. The lower part of the body has been seen in the corridors and outside the castle, in an alley of lime trees, and even in the old castle graveyard.