Questions like “why are we here”, “where did we come from” and “what is god” may never be answered during our lifetime, and even if they could be, would they really change anything anyway? When it comes down to it, what really matters is the way we live our lives, because for damn sure we can do something about that.

What is Purpose?

The word “purpose” is used to describe the reason for which something exists, so when used in relation to one’s life it means quite simply the “reason for one’s existence”. It could be said that a looser’s sole “purpose in life” is nothing more than their own self gratification, or that soldier in the army “serves a purpose”, but the concept that I’m proposing here is the act of “living for purpose” which can be defined as: the sovereign pursuit of living for a cause that brings fulfillment to humanity as a whole.

Those individuals who practice “living for purpose” live by a profound philosophy which goes beyond existential self-realisation and into the realm of planetary awakening. Ultimately our purpose as humans is to elevate our consciousness, so therefore as we as individuals align with our true purpose, if it’s correct it will also be in alignment with the greater “purpose of humanity” as a whole. From this viewpoint the needs of the individual are unimportant, and purpose becomes one’s very reason for drawing breath; the driving force behind one’s every thought and action.

Many people would look upon this kind of attitude and see it as “obsessive” and “fanatical”, but invariably those same people would be trapped within matrix of misconception that prevents them from seeing beyond the mental construct that binds them to their perpetual servitude. To be connected to a true purpose is the highest aim for human life, and with this connection comes release from the ego based existence that may well be our downfall of our entire race.

Furthermore, it should be noted the act of living for purpose if not bound by any specific outcome. There is no win or loose, no “what’s in it for me?” mentality; as soon as it becomes about what you’re going to “get” then you’re living for your own concerns. There’s nothing wrong with living that way, after all the entire popolation is doing it, and it’s what makes the world go round in it’s dysfunctional state, but don’t be mistaken; it’s not true purpose. This is a very challenging concept for people to grasp, because we’ve been conditioned to expect payment for our efforts, either by way of financial or energetic exchange. With purpose as a guide, one acts simply because one can, and because it’s the right thing to do.

The Matrix of Misconception

The matrix of misconception exists in the world that confronts us every time we step out of the front door into the world at large.

Serfs fill the multi-cultural slave ships dreaming of a better day, men in suits file in and out of skyscrapers looking solely upward, and consumers line the streets taking well branded poison while flaunting cloned individuality. Each one chasing empty dreams confined by the boundaries of the matrix, each one profoundly helpless. Only the most misconceived ego will prosper.

From the time of our birth we are conditioned with a sense of duality that is the foundation of the matrix, and the fundamental disconnect from true existence. Our parents, politicians, language, education, economy, even ourselves, and indeed the system as a whole, are all guilty. Everything is labeled; he is “smart”, she is “dumb”, that is “good” or “bad”. We are taught to aspire to the attainment of wealth and title in a system that’s redundant for the evolving consciousness. This is perfect for the people who run the world because they can go about their business unhindered, while we’re inexorably embroiled in our own self fulfilling prophecies.

The Process of Awakening

Awakening refers to the attainment of a state of consciousness that’s free from preconception and protected from manipulation. The process is roughly as follows:

  1. Awareness: One begins to glimpse the reality behind the veil.
  2. Commitment: A commitment is made to living consciously.
  3. Awakening: Consciousness shifts and the mind awakens.
  4. Purpose: The state of living for purpose.

True awakening is more than just understanding the framework of lies that surrounds us, it’s about reprogramming the mind and body to be free and immune from their contagion.

At the stage of incipient metamorphosis it’s nearly impossible to see the causality of our actions, and people often have a tendency to becoming raving “conspiracy theorists” by complaining about the problems and injustices of the world to anyone who will lend a willing ear. This doesn’t really benefit anyone, and it only serves to strengthen duality and most people’s resistance to change. Positive change can only be brought about with positive action, so make sure you are “part of the solution” before you fall into that trap.

Not everyone is mentally prepared for awakening, so as your own understanding develops don’t just expect others to “get it”. The process of awakening requires a kind of internal structure, and to attempt to “awaken” someone whose psychological construct is dependent on the matrix of misconception is bound to have unpredictable consequences; imagine trying to push 10,000v through a speaker cable. Therefore, people need to be have some kind of inherent structure in place, something to replace the matrix when it collapses. This structure can be achieved through training (such as martial arts that promote internal power and understanding), gradual education, and also assisted to some degree by a network of other awakened individuals who can provide fortification during the process.

As much as awakening is a process of learning, it is also a process of unlearning and unraveling much of what we have picked up along the way. The journey can ever really be considered complete during our lifetime, but its progress is dependent on our ability to be able to see to the heart of things, and most importantly our knowingness that we have a duty to our higher selves.

False Idols

There’s no shortage of so-called gurus and prophets out there masquerading as saviours and peddlers of truth. These types of gurus usually speak with great conviction and charisma, but prey on the weak and lost souls who’re seeking answers and meaning in their lives. Unfortunately for the misguided individuals who follow these gurus, their confusion will only be proliferated - unless of course the experience helps them see through the charade. Any man who would elevate himself above others, glorify himself, enforce worship, or inspire followers through fear, insecurity or rage, can not be trusted.

Many of these gurus can be extremely convincing, and it’s precisely the ones who believe their own rhetoric that are the most dangerous. Even 1% off is perilous when it comes to speaking about truth, and that 1% may be difficult or impossible to discern for the uninitiated. Some of the worst atrocities have been committed by dedicated and charismatic men who considered themselves as harbingers of truth. These men deluded enough to think what they were doing the “right thing” on behalf of the greater good, but were in fact were operating in their own self interest.

The world, as it is right now, revolves around the blind leading the blind. False idols are everywhere; in politics, in books, on the internet and in the media. There are very few truly awakened souls, so don’t expect to find them on a billboards or in magazines.

The Power of Purpose

The power of living for purpose has the ability to change the world as we know it. An awakened being who has realised his purpose is like a gravitational field which attracts others from all walks of life, changing both the molecular structure of the planet and those he comes into contact with, spreading the information required to decode of the matrix that has trapped and disempowered people in a web of fear.

This kind of metamorphosis speaks to people on a primal level, and is powerful enough to topple governments if assimilated on a large scale. This kind of revolution is far superior to a violent uprising, which only serves to precipitate the cycle of oppression.

Don’t be afraid of what you’ve always known, enter into your power and hold your space, the world needs you now more than ever. Mankind is ready for a new precedent, and the global information network is ready to spread it to the four corners of the earth when it takes place.