Everything in nature has a half-life depending on it’s vibrational consistency, and so it is with the technology and trends that capture our imagination one day, and fade the next.

With the world and technology changing as fast as is, it sometimes seems impossible to keep up, and the startup community gets swept up in the whirlwind of trying to create the next best quick fix to fuel the world’s rampant tech addiction. It’s like a never ending game of catchup in a game that most likely has a limited life span.

Smart business people (especially investors) know how to look to the future, and it doesn’t take a genius to see that all over the world inflation and breaking economies have people running scared. This isn’t just a third world phenomenon either, it’s a global crisis that our shiny devices and news media won’t shield us from for long.

The law of entropy dictates that all things are moving towards chaos, so what happens when effects of entropy become unbearable, and the breaking point is reached? Everything collapses and we hard reset back to zero (like a defaulting economy). All our frivolities are discarded, and the essentials become all that matters: food, water, energy, economy, transport and communication.

In Australia we live in a first world country, but there are so many aspects of our infrastructure that are archaic and broken as hell. Now the Government is trying to solve our growing budget defect with privitisation, by selling our infrastructure off to foreign owned companies. In short; nothing is getting fixed any time soon.

The world needs more startups tackling and solving real-life issues that affect people and improve society. Maybe then (in Australia especially), the government will start to recognise their importance and offer proper support and reforms.

Does your startup solve a genuine human issue, or is it just another useless tech gimmick? The next time I hear an entrepreneur saying he is making the world a better place with a crappy new social network I think I’m going to puke - right on the speaker! If that’s the case then you need to seriously consider what’s important and kind of world you want to be living in.

Theres huge money for startups that are providing genuine solutions for global issues, and making them accessible for consumers and governments who’re scrambling for the light switch. As entrepreneurs we have to power to create the future, so let’s use it to build something brilliant and worthwhile!