Many of the programmers and designers out there would consider themselves to be artists, but as in the art world, there are good artists, and well … not so good artists!

It’s important to realise that artists aren’t just people who build stuff, they are able to channel real creative inspiration and express it using their medium. How many so called ‘entrepreneurs’ or ‘gurus’ can claim this? Most are so busy churning out the same old tired crap in the blind hope that someone will pay them million of dollars for it, that they forget the essence of creativity is essential to success. Anyone can be a builder, but not many have what it takes to create true art.

Artists are few and far between in the professional IT world, probably due to the logic driven paradigm in which we work. Some talk about this is being related to a person’s predominant functional lateralisation ie. weather they predominantly use the right and the left hemispheres of their brain. A person who is “left-brained” is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective, while a person who is “right-brained” is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective. Personally I believe this concept to be a myth, although it does adequately describe a point, and one should never underestimate people’s willingness to believe in absurd concepts that adequately describe the unknown!

Lets say, for arguments sake, that functional lateralisation was a real thing, then it would be safe to assume that the Internet is a predominantly “left-brained” phenomenon. The problem with this is that left brained thinking is fundamentally restrictive; it’s calculated, rigid, and lacks abstract dimension. However, despite this even “left-brained” thinkers still have the ability to appreciate fine art, it just speaks to them on a less visceral level.

Every day new startups being released, and it’s rare thing that their presentation is any more than a clone of whatever HTML5 template design is currently trending. It’s almost like sitting through a Hollywood movie; the formulaic predictability detracts from any substance that might be lurking beneath the surface. How many other people out there must be in the same boat, especially in gen Y, how many potential customers!?

As more and more clones saturate the Internet and worldwide media, people will begin to recognize the true point-of-difference, because it makes them feel something. When planning your next project, attempt to make a genuine psychological and emotional connection with your customers, and if they ain’t feelin’ it, then your idea might not be as good as you think.

To the IT professionals out there; think like an artist and work like a machine! Take the time to learn from real artists, because they are the ones who will teach you how to create for creations sake, with passion and inspiration. Also, be sure to master your craft properly, or you are just spreading the virus.

Let’s face it folks, a world without artists wouldn’t be much of a place to live at all. It’s time to look deeper, and let our logical and intuitive minds work together to paint a better future, because that kind of genius is within everybodies grasp.