There is huge amount of media hype surrounding marijuana in the wake of it’s increasingly widespread legalisation, and as a long time smoker myself I find a lot of it to be both damaging and misleading - especially to the younger generation who are still making up their minds about where they stand on certain issues.

Now I’m not a journalist, so occasionally I take the liberty of indulging in opinion. Having said that, my integrity dictates that I would never put forth an opinion unless it was based on some kind empirical knowledge, the only kind really worth a damn. I used to smoke pot - a lot of pot - and while I no longer partake in da erb myself, I still associate with people who are regular long time smokers. What I notice about these people is that they perceive themselves as liberated free thinkers, but it should be noted that spouting anti-establishment propaganda does not make you a free thinker, it makes you part of the problem. Of course, being part of the solution isn’t easy when you view the world through a purple haze. I love my pot-head friends, but conversations with them can be best characterised as; strongly opinionated, cyclic and repetitive. I call them loopy.

And what’s with people going around saying that pot is good for you? Sorry, pot makes you stupid. Anyone who spouts this nonsense is a misguided fool clearly influenced by populist propaganda distinctive brand of juvenile rebellion, and needs to put a sock in it. Sure, pot may be beneficial for people with emphysema or undergoing chemo treatments, and even for the occasional chill out session, but the irony of marijuana is that when it’s smoked too frequently it deprives one of the very motivation and keen mental edge required for creative productivity and insight that it’s so commonly solicited as heightening.

The other issue with legalisation is that while it may open many new business opportunities and markets which will benefit the economy, it will also mean harsher penalties for growing and distributing marijuana without government permission because it will be classed as a taxable commodity. For example, growing marijuana illegally with intent to sell prior to legislation would be a felony offense with a small fine or prison sentence, but after legalisation it will be tax fraud with huge fines, confiscation of property, and extended prison sentences.

Anyway, you make up your own mind. As with all matters concerning temptation, exercise your own best judgment. In other words, understand the nature of the beast, and keep that beast on just enough rope lest it run wild desecrating and ravaging everything you hold dear. If you haven’t seen Idiorcacy yet, it’s one of the worst films ever made, and that’s exactly why you need to see it.