Installing on Windows

Install Dependencies

Install Git

Download git-scm You can also use either the git command line or GUI client.

Install CMake

Download CMake

CMake generates the LibSourcey project files so you can build on most platforms and compilers. Here we use CMake to generate project for Visual Studio.

Install OpenSSL

Download and install the Windows OpenSSL binaries. Don't forget to set system path if you download zip file version, or if the OpenSSL Installer failed to set the properly:


Install FFmpeg

Download and install FFmpeg for Windows. Notice that you need to download both Shared and Dev version. Extract zip files and set them to head of your system's PATH (you can just add new item in Windows 10):


Download LibSourcey

Clone the repository: git clone If you haven't got Git for some reason you can download and extract the package archive from GitHub.

Generate Project Files

Open the CMake GUI and set the project directory to point to the LibSourcey root directory. Execute "Configure" to do the initial configuration, then adjust any options, then press "Configure" again and then press "Generate".

See here for a complete list of build options.

Compile with Visual Studio

  1. Generate solutions using CMake, as described above. Make sure, you chose the proper generator (32-bit or 64-bit)
  2. Launch Visual Studio, locate and open the libsourcey.sln solution file in your generated build folder (eg: C:\LibSourcey\build\libsourcey.sln). Select "Debug" configuration, build the solution (Ctrl-Shift-B), and/or select "Release" and build it.
  3. Add {CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}\bin\Release, {CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}\bin\Debug (containing libscy*.dll and libscy*d.dll, respectively) to the system path (My Computer--[Right button click]->Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables->Path)

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