Middleman Automated GitHub Pages Deployments with Rake

Kam Low

Supposing you use GitHub pages to host your middleman site, like we do, you will probably want to speed up your deployments with some rakey goodness!

Stick the following deploy.rake file in your middleman root directory:

desc "build static pages"
task :build do
  p "## Compiling static pages"
  system "bundle exec middleman build"

desc "deploy to github pages"
task :deploy do
  p "## Deploying to Github Pages"
  cp_r ".nojekyll", "build/.nojekyll"
  cd "build" do
    system "git add -A"
    message = "Site updated at #{Time.now.utc}"
    p "## Commiting: #{message}"
    system "git commit -m \"#{message}\""
    p "## Pushing generated website"
    system "git push origin master"
    p "## Github Pages deploy complete"

desc "build and deploy to github pages"
task :publish do

Now just type rake publish And your changes will be live in a few moments. Easy a π!

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