Precompiled WebRTC Libraries

Save yourself the tears and frustration of trying to build WebRTC yourself. Precompiled native WebRTC libraries and development headers are available for download here. Linux and Windows Debug and Release builds are provided for x86 and x64 architectures. Usage instructions are below

File Platform Version


After a number of requests we’ve started providing WebRTC builds to assist LibSourcey developers. All the libraries and headers required for native WebRTC development on Windows and Linux are included in the builds, and although the builds are designed for LibSourcey developers, they are completely portable and can be used by all.

The WebRTC repository is a monster weighing in at over 10gb with a myriad of dependencies that no developer without a fat paycheck from Google should ever have to mess with. However, once the excess fat has been trimmed it’s possible to get the archived build size down to about 50mb including all static libraries and headers. Jenny Craig would be proud!


Download the packages for your platform and architecture, extract them, and link them with your project - there’s no need to compile anything or jump through any hoops.

On Windows you will need 7-Zip to extract the archives, and on Linux the archives are in .tar.gz format. All static WebRTC libraries have meen merged into a single library for convenience (libwebrtc_full.lib on Windows and libwebrtc_full.a on Linux), so you just need to link this one library with your project to include all WebRTC components.

The folder structure is setup so you can extract both the x64 and x86 archives from the same build version into a single root directory:

├── third_party/      <-- webrtc dependency headers
├── webrtc/           <-- webrtc core headers
└── lib/
    ├── x64/
    │   ├── Debug     <-- x64 debug libraries
    │   ├── Release   <-- x64 release libraries
    ├── x86/
    │   ├── Debug     <-- x86 debug libraries
    │   ├── Release   <-- x86 release libraries

Build details

Windows libraries are compiled with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, while Linux builds are compiled with gcc on Ubuntu 16.10.

Debug builds have been created with all debug symbols enabled, and release builds have been optimized for for maximum performance. The exact gn build options used are as follows:

gn gen out/x86/Debug --args="is_debug=true rtc_include_tests=false target_cpu=\"x86\""
gn gen out/x86/Release --args="is_debug=false rtc_include_tests=false target_cpu=\"x86\" symbol_level=0 enable_nacl=false"
gn gen out/x64/Debug --args="is_debug=true rtc_include_tests=false target_cpu=\"x64\""
gn gen out/x64/Release --args="is_debug=false rtc_include_tests=false target_cpu=\"x64\" symbol_level=0 enable_nacl=false"