As with all business minded artists, we have fought the inevitable battle of conformity vs expression, and have emerged victorious with sanity intact to plunder the digiverse and beyond in search of new and interesting challenges.


Cloud video surveillance
Cloud-based video surveillance web application that's changing the way people view the industry.


Modern layout framework
Modular JavaScript layout and utility framework for cross-browser CSS3 and HTML5 support.


Redistributable package manager
Redistributable package manager written in C++ that speaks JSON with the server.


C++ plugin system
Simple C++ plugin system that's dead easy to use in your own projects.


Messaging made Symple
Flexible message protocol for real-time communication between desktop and web applications.


C++ networking evolved
Open source C++ library for rapid development of real-time streaming and networking applications.


Ultimate lazy loader
The ultimate lightweight 1KB JavaScript lazy loader for all content and media types.


The gentleman at REST
Beautiful static HTML5 documentation generator for REST APIs with OpenAPI/Swagger specifications.

Precompiled WebRTC Libraries

Learn to love WebRTC again
Precompiled native WebRTC libraries and development headers available for download.


Promote your startup
A platform for showcasing, promoting and discovering the latest startup gold.