TechKam Low

Bitcoin Decline and New Opportunities

The rapid rise of cryptocurrencies and the technologies that surround it have caused an enormous buzz in the tech world, but like a kid with a new toy the novelty has almost worn off and we're left wondering what to play with next.
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MindLinda Grandes

How Education Helps in Human Development

The fact that education plays an important role in human development is often ignored. This is a shame, because it's this ...
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WeirdMarina Gragera

Iconic Rock Band Logos and Their Meanings

A band's logo plays an essential role in connecting to people and it's fans. It's the face of the band, the representation...
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SocietyRaithe Handiman

Forum Government

As we collectively grapple with these issues with all the finesse of a drunken sailor, it might just behoove us to go back...
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